What is the Overall PMP Certification Cost – Brief Guide

What is the Overall PMP Certification Cost – Brief Guide

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One thing is certain: if you’ve decided to explore the PMP certification cost, you’ve made the right decision – then you’ve got a great future ahead of you! However, becoming a PMP isn’t as easy as the three-letter acronym suggests. However, if you work in IT, you may have asked about the PMP certification, how much more the PMP test costs, and also where and how to begin. The standard provides project management experience and education in the actual world.

How to Become a PMP?

In-person training with a Project management professional coach or trainer (online training available)

  1. How to Apply for the PMI Exam
  1. Choose your PMI Roadmap – Video, Exam Guide, and Lectures from the drop-down menu.
  2. Over 700 Testing Simulations—FREE Practice Exam Questions

What Is the Price of Project Management Certification?

PMP exam costs for computer-based testing (CBT) are as follows:

  • $405 for PMI members
  • $555 for non-PMI membership

Do you want to know how much a good PMP certification cost? The cost of a PMP to get 35 PDUs varies by country, ranging from $300 to $5000.

Fees for re-examination:

  • $275 for PMI members,
  • $375 for non-PMI members

Even when a person does not choose to join PMI, he or she will still be ordered to contribute the very same PMP exam price.

A person who wishes to become a PMI member must pay a $555 PMP fee at the time of applying, which includes both the PMP certification cost and membership expenses. 

What are the fees for renewing your PMP?

Are you confused by the PMP certification cost structure? After PMI verifies that a member has completed the PDU criteria, he or she will be notified via email to apply for PMP fee renewals.

PMI instructs the person who receives the information to pay the Certification course renewal cost through into the online certification program.

Final Verdict:

PMI certification holders will be required to accept the terms of usage, which include adhering to the audit standards. However, in the event of an inspection, on the other hand, a person will be permitted to extend his or her certifications only once the review has been completed and all terms & conditions have been met.